The Airport Recycling Center processes the Airport’s waste stream to capture all recyclable items, thereby reducing the environmental impact and creating a more sustainable waste disposal program. CLT waste is transported to the Recycling Center and processed and delivered through a conveyor operation. Employees sort all recyclable items, such as paper, glass and plastic. All food and waxy paper is groundand made into compost. 

• The Airport disposes of 10K tons of waste each year. Approximately 7K tons of that waste will be recycled.

• Previously, CLT’s waste was transported to the City’s landfill near the Charlotte Motor Speedway for an annual fee of $451,000.

• The Recycling Center will have the capability to compost certainnon-recyclable materials, such as food waste and waxed paper products.

• 100% of Airport trash is sorted.

• It is anticipated that 70% of all solid waste is recyclable and will be put back into the market place, generating an estimated $200,000/annually.

• Organics are composted on site. (and fed to 1.5 million worms for decomposition)

• The Recycling Center helps reduce the Airport’s carbon footprint.

• An additional environmental savings comes from a reduction in transportation; a shorter trip length and reduction in the number of trips to/from the landfill.


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