that is why you don’t mess with hoodrats…

1. I do not agree with this women’s reaction.
2. I do not like that a lot of people in the inner city (and suburbs) have pitbulls and they use them for “protection”. 

Pitbulls by nature are not mean, they are loving gentle dogs so the fact that this homeowner sends her pitbulls to attack this woman upsets me. The dog has been trained to do this. I have had pitbulls for the past 15 years. The ones that we have raised since they were puppies have been the most gentle dogs. My dog comes to the door excited. He brings me a “gift” every time I come home. He is constantly happy, he gives me so many kisses I have to tell him to stop. He loves being outside and “exercising” the other dogs. He knows over 75 words. He is smart. He is a helper. He is gentle with my disabled Grandpa. He knows when we are hurting and sick. 

I as a white person will not understand what it is like to be a POC and lose my child to gun violence. 

I feel bad for laughing! This really should not have made it to the news. Just terrible 

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