Charlotte PlaceMakers: Carl Air


Charlotte newcomers and natives will appreciate my new series Charlotte PlaceMakers. It highlights Charlotte up and coming artists and entrepreneurs. These folks help to make Charlotte the eclectic and dynamic city that it is. This month’s feature is VA native, Carl Arrington, or better known as Carl Air. Carl has lived in Charlotte for 3 years and originally came here for school.


Hit the photo above to see his cypher

I sat down with him a few weeks ago and learned more about his musical style and how The Queen City is impacting his artist pursuits! He is in a band called Soulful Descent, an eclectic, soul funky down to earth group of individuals who cover some of our favorite songs and perform original work as well. I personally have seen them perform and they do put on quite a show. You can follow the band on Twitter @SoulfulDescent and you can follow Carl @Carl_Air 

How do you describe your musical style: ‘Nerd-Hop’: Street Smarts for the Classroom

What is your favorite thing about the City? The size and the people; there’s a nice mix of people who are young progressing and as well as the more seasoned and more established group. There is a good balance. Everyone is fairly open-minded and looking to progress.

How long have you been doing music? Since High School but seriously since 2010

What is the scope of everything that you do? My craft encompasses rapping, writing, engineering; being the visionary and concept man

Describe how Charlotte has helped you in terms of your music? Being in charlotte renewed my interest in music again. I moved out here for the purpose to continue school but amidst that, I received inspiration from friends here in charlotte who have built the desire  in me to pursue music further.

What are some of your current projects: There’s something in the works; there’s no deadline right now but there’s definitely something in the works. At the time of the interview, he wouldn’t release the title but he has since released The Curriculum- Download Here:

What’s one of your favorite venues you have performed at? Wine Up (know known as UpStage) and Nana’s Uptown

What is your dream performance venue? My dream would be to perform at  Cochella or Radio Music Hall but locally, The Filmore or Amos Southend

What’s your dream collaboration? To name a few; D’angelo, Red Man, Joe Budden or Method Man

[just for fun] What is your Favorite Movie? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Do you have any advice for future artists coming to Charlotte? Stay true to yourself because ultimately you are going to make things that you have to enjoy before anybody else hears it. Keep at it, because you can only get better.

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