So you call yourself a professional

This article really hit home for me at this point in my career. It’s about being a true professional and whether what you’re doing is really enough. I especially relate to the paragraph about sharing your knowledge. I happen to believe the true test of a leader is someone who passes on what they know to others. Enjoy!

Key points:

  1. Have an appropriate level of education and certification.
  2. Be well read.
  3. Participate in professional organizations.
  4. Share your knowledge.

John R. Knotts

If you’re a lawyer a doctor, an EMT, and many like professional services, you are required to maintain the professional designation by continuously learning and by participating in professional conferences and associations.

The “career field” I’m in is considered a professional career field. It doesn’t have the same rigorous level of education requirements that you find with doctors and lawyers, but it’s professional just the same.

Even the military has the Profession of Arms and believes there is a level of professional training throughout your career to maintain and consistently build upon your capabilities.

If you maintain a professional certification common in my career, and they are from PMI and/or ASQ, then you have to maintain a level of continuous education requirements. This is true for doctors and lawyers and even as an EMT, I was required to keep the certification current through various activities.

There are, in my career…

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