To Do in Charlotte: Alive After 5

Alive After Five or AA5 as it’s become affectionately known to some Charlotteans, is a pre-weekend Happy Hour celebration held every Thursday of the Spring and Summer. AA5 is held at the Epicenter Rooftop and sometimes at the Wells Fargo Atrium. Young professionals, semi-young professionals and some older men trying to hold on to their youths…or just like eyeing the younger ladies, groove out to a live cover band or DJ depending on the week.

All in all, this is a great event to kickback, enjoy  a Lime-a-Rita and run into some people you know from work. Dont make it awkward. Oh and remember to check the website the Friday after because they have photographers on staff to snap candid photos of you! don’t get caught looking greasy in the Charlotte summer sun.

What’s even better is that with the wristband provided at AA5, you can get discounted entry and specials at Epicenter bars. Check out more here:

AA5 kicks off this Thursday!! (4/3)

last Summer AA5 (Photo)




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