To Do in Charlotte- Crowder’s Mountain

Well technically, this is in Gastonia,  a mere 35 minutes away from charlotte.

We hiked the 3.4 mile (roundtrip) Pinnacle Trail – strenuous level. This being our first time, we were hesitant to go for the hardest hike but we made it to the top and there are some breathtakingly amazing views up there. The trail started out pretty flat and after about 25 minutes of walking semi flat surfaces, I wondered if this hike would actualy deliver some umph! Boy was I surprised. We started seeing hikers with walking sticks and camping packs pass us on their way back down the mountain. I wondered why they would need all of that equipment. Then it hit us like a ton of rocks (literally). We approached a steep incline with rocks mounted on top of each other. Oh yea here’s the strenuous part. After about a half mile of straight incline, we reached the end of the trail where it was clear we would be clibming some more. after getting past the last little bit, the views were just simply amazing and totally worth the hike.

crowders 1 crowders 2 crowders 3 crowders 4

Cost: Free

Location: 522 Park Office Ln · Kings Mountain

Check out more of our photos here: 


Happy Hiking!


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