Recap from Blackish Conversation
The Link above includes a great recap from the event by the Creative Loafing Editor, Kimberly Lawson. My thoughts are included below.

Also, great pic of myself and some EWP buddies

@yea_me2 @_ItsJHeaux

So the conversation came out of a September Story from Jarvis Holliday, Charlotte social aficionado. The topic of discussion was how Charlotte has yet to latch on to the black cultural scene. The social aspect is not what’s problematic; we have no problem attending parties and eating out and supporting our sports franchises. The issue, from what I heard is the lack of appreciation for the cultural scene Charlotte (i.e. performing arts, diverse music selections, consistent support of black restaurants)  Most of the sentiments in the room (around 100 people deep) was that Clt lacks appreciation and consistency.

One of the most appalling things for me was when Jarvis asked how many audience members had ever been to the Levine for an exhibit. Less than half raised their hands.

We need to do better when it comes to appreciating the talent right here at home! Jarvis ended the night asking the audience what to do next and encouraging us to continue the conversation in our own circles. Thanks to the Levine Museum for hosting.

Read the full article here: 

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