Podcasts that Get it Right!


Slate’s List of 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever

Lately, since I got rid of my cable service, in between Netflix at home, I have been listening to podcasts. Podcasts aren’t anything new and exciting but still relatively a new medium for comedy and entertainment. What I love about the new digital age of radio and podcasts is that you can take episodes with you anywhere. They serve as accompaniment while I cook, clean, sleep or drive. I love this list from Slate, partly because I see a few of my favorite shows on it but mostly because it uncovers shows and episodes I’ve never heard of. Check it out at the link above.

Before I let you go, I want to shout a couple of the local/close to me podcasts that are doing it right:


The 20 Something Roast Podcast- Hosted by a high school buddy of mine, Swim Karim, on how to stay career motivated in your twenties and always be inspired by one another. (a podcast on which I hope to someday be featured…cough cough @SwimKarim)

Listen to an episode here

@rodimusprime @saydatagain

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast- Hosted by a married couple, rod and Karen, The Black Guy Who Tips discusses anything from pop culture, family dynamics, movie and show reviews and they even a have a space for premium listeners to hear exclusively about Sports and Cooking. Best part is that it records right here in the Queen city.

Get in touch with Rod and Karen on Stitcher Radio, Itunes and Podomatic. Listen to an episode on their website.





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