Charlotte PlaceMakers: Aurelius Creates

PlaceMakers: Joshua Galloway, Owner of Aurelius Creates Photography and Co-owner of Neck of the Woods Bowties 

Photo by SeQuoya Addison | on IG


I met with Joshua last week via Google Hangout. For the past five years, he has been making a name for himself as a photographer and graphic designer here in Charlotte with his business Aurelius Creates.Check out some of his work on his website.  He is also the Co-owner of Neck of The Woods, a wooden bowtie line he started with his brother, Brian. On January 15th, they launched an online store to share their style. Check out the story and shop here:

Transferring from Fayetteville State to UNC Charlotte in 2010, his love for photography began as he was quickly attracted to the cityscapes uptown that you won’t necessarily get in Fayetteville. Starting with research on Google Maps, he scoped out unique and unordinary places to shoot still photography. He shared that some of the most inspiring places are the unexpected like tops of parking decks, abandoned locations and uptown benches that serve dual duty as beds at night time. I can tell Joshua is driven by the essentials of photography (i.e. location scouting, lighting, technique, and proper use of equipment). He is quite the professional.

After speaking with him, I can tell he is driven, creative and has a great eye for photography. Check out some clips from our interview below to learn more about him and some great advice he has for aspiring photographers.

How has your field of work changed in recent years?

“It comes from finding beauty in the things that people walk past all the time”

What are your thoughts on the photography community in Charlotte?

“Location Scouting is a part of the job”

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

“Keep your eyes open to grow and develop at your own time”

Who is your inspiration?

One of his favorite photographers is Rog Walker, famed photographer of Solange Knowles’ wedding photos. He admires that fact that Rog has his own style and emphasizes that when you find something you love; learn everything you can about it.

What is your favorite Charlotte restaurant?

Little Village Grill

What is your favorite Charlotte hangout spot?

Plaza Midwood but Dilworth is the most beautiful to walk through

Aurelius Creates says goodbye until next time. I truly enjoyed our conversation and hope to hear more from him soon!

Follow Aurelius Creates at his website and on social media, @aurelius_cre8s on Twitter and Instagram and remember to check out Neck of the Woods bowties online at

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