On a more personal note…


I don’t know about you guys but 2015 has already been a whirlwind for me. In terms of my own personal and professional development, I’m doing things with more confidence than ever! I’ve become much more of a social person, closer to the person I was in Grad School…eager to learn…and I think it has something to do with my new job.

In addition to that, I see people all around me venturing out on their own to start their businesses and projects. I hope I’m not alone when I say, this scares me a bit. But in a good way. It gives me inspiration to go out and pursue more PlaceMakers interviews and further develop my own brand. I have been actively seeking out opportunities to write more, saving money to travel and reading for fun.

All I can say is I’m working on some interesting things this year, some for work and some just for me & I encourage you all to do the same. One of the best places to gain inspiration is inside a book. Some of my personal reading goals for 2015 include:


Christine E

What are some things that inspire you?

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