Charlotte PlaceMakers: Simone Battiste-Alleyne, Taking the Tech World by Storm

PlaceMakers: Simone Battiste-Alleyne

For my latest PlaceMakers interview, I spoke to a close friend of mine, Simone Battiste-Alleyne, New York Native, island girl, fearless chef and giver of awesome dating advice…but that’s a conversation for another day. In between sips of beer, we talked about her transition from working as a technical recruiter to graduate of Tech Talent South’s Ruby on Rails 8 week boot camp. She is now working as a software developer.  She’s got some great advice for folks looking to change their careers and enter into the tech world in Charlotte.

Tell me about your professional goals as far as software development?

Short term, she would like to find a junior developer role here in Charlotte. Long term, she would like to own her own company or be in a technical leadership role.

“The Tech industry has space for everyone. People can enter the tech field from all different backgrounds. There are so many different avenues into technology. Every job doesn’t require programming. As your career progresses, your opportunities get wider and wider”

How do you think this field has changed in Charlotte since you first moved here?

It’s hard to say because interest in tech has been from an IT recruiter lens. In a little over 6 months, I have learned that there are tons of incubator spaces, programs and meetups to keep people engaged in the work, which was not available 5 years ago. Charlotte has  a lot more space for non-traditional education opportunities.

What is going to keep you in Charlotte?

“Charlotte is a big little City” “It makes it easier to engage and help other people” I can always find someone I know and become well-connected” It also helps that technology is not limited by geography

Do you feel as though there were barriers to get where you currently are?

The only real barrier is fear. Fear is the only rear barrier in anything. The only real barrier is fear. I always plan for a rainy day so that makes the transition easier. The only real barriers to changing your career are FEAR and FINANCES. If she doesn’t take these soundbites and shape them into her personal self help story, then I will!

Do you have any advice for people looking to change their careers?

  • Do your research; look at what’s available and needed in your area
  • Find a way to get involved in the industry before you take the leap
  • If you don’t love it, don’t do it. Don’t Do It!
  • Push through the times when you’re not great
  • Meet up with people in the industry; get the inside scoop.
  • Know your barriers

What new skills have you picked up?

Front end/backend development (software engineering), Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Angular JS, Sequel Lite, Mongo, build web apps from scratch

What is your favorite Charlotte restaurant?

Café Monte

Lang Van

What’s your favorite hangout spot?

The Garage at Packard Place

Amelies (for the brownies!)


Twitter @blackgrad

To listen to the full interview, visit my Soundcloud page at

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