Place Makers [briefly]- Sherrell Dorsey, Uber Marketing Manager

Hi readers, thanks for sticking with me on my path to connect the best personalities in Charlotte through the PlaceMakers series. There are so many stories to tell so I’ve come up with a quicker way to connect- PlaceMakers [briefly]- a shortened version of the series but it still digs deep. Get to know our newest feature here.

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Sherrell Dorsey, Uber Charlotte Marketing Manager by day and Social Impact storyteller by passion, chatted with me over coffee yesterday morning at Amelie’s. Rainy Monday morning coffee seemed to be befitting of this Seattle native. We spoke briefly about her falling in love with Charlotte and turning it into her own creative space for personal and professional growth.

Who are you and why are you here?

I like to think of myself as a social impact story teller. My background, my passion and part of the reason I came to charlotte was I saw this place that was thinking strategically about how we grow as a city. Before moving, I did tons of LinkedIn research and found people who were shaping the charlotte economy and culture and tapped into a community of people committed to sustainability and empowering entrepreneurship and empowering nonprofits. I came to Charlotte to culminate my many efforts from fashion, beauty, the environment, tech startups, creating websites…and just to cement my life here.

How did you get started with Uber?

I had been considering working in tech for a while and have some experience with past internships. I began using Uber in Seattle and it fit my lifestyle as I generally do not like to drive. I have always been Interested in how transportation was the great equalizer for cities. I found the opportunity online and went for it. Uber changes day to day and so it’s great to watch and be a part of.

Do you have a favorite creative space in the city?

Just recently stumbled upon Freedom Park so I plan to make many more trips there this summer. It makes me either want to get a dog or a kid…haven’t decided which would be less trouble (LOL)

What was the last book you read all the way through?

I finally just finished Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Who is your ideal mentor?

I am fascinated by Jenifer Daniels. She runs Good and Smart, a communication and brand strategy company. She is an entrepreneur, a leader, a mom, a wife and community member and I don’t know if she sleeps ever. I love the high level of quality and thinking around her work. She’s got a different lens and voice that is not always the one chosen to be amplified.

When it comes to summer plans, are you an Afropunk or Country Club type of girl?

I would have to say a little bit of both but I’m going to try and experience more of the Carolinas this summer; visiting Raleigh, Asheville, Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

You can connect with Sherrell on Twitter @Sherrell_Dorsey and through her website

Note: Responses were paraphrased. You can listen to the full interview on my Soundcloud Page.


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