Charlotte PlaceMakers: Miss Queen City/Miss Metropolitan Scholarship Pageant

Miss  QC2


Beauty pageants are all about the on-stage presence and being unbelievably tan, right? Wrong! I recently talked to Montez Roman, volunteer Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator for the Miss Queen City Miss Metrolina Scholarship Organization and three current titleholders. You ever wonder how those crowns stay on all day? Well I asked them 5 questions about what they’re doing off-stage in Charlotte.


Caption: Left to Right: Kianna Jasper, Miss Metrolina’s Outstanding Teen 2015 is a 17 year old Senior at Independence High School, Cheslie Kryst, Miss Metrolina is a 24 year old 3rd year law student at Wake Forest earning her JD and MBA, McKenzie Faggart, Miss Queen City is a rising Junior at UNC Charlotte (McKenzie was not present during the interview), and Ava Starnes, Miss Queen City’s Outstanding Teen 2015 is a 13 year old Parkwood Middle School student 

1. How are you all doing things differently?

MR: Not only do they compete for scholarships, competing in the Miss Queen City Miss Metrolina pageant provides life skills through volunteering and community appearances. The girls do a year of service in order to create awareness around the organization and their platforms

2. How did you get started in pageants?

KJ: My Mom stressed the fact that it was a scholarship pageant and I would be doing community service. I just felt like it was something i wanted to try.

CK: My Mom was Mrs. North Carolina 2002. I did the pageants at my highschool but I never actually competed in the Miss America system until I graduated from college

3. Is it really like Miss congeniality? (I had to get this question out-of-the-way)

KJ:Sort of, we get the crown to stay on with lots of butterfly clips and elastic. *tilts head front to back and the crown is completely still*

CK: It’s true, “butt glue” is a lifesaver. We use it for swimsuits and dresses that need a little extra support.

4.  How does your title empower you, especially in terms of female equality?

KJ: I visited Lebanon Road Elementary School and let all the girls in the kindergarten class wear my crown. I saw them pull their shoulders back and stand up straight. It  just felt good to give them that sense of empowerment! The title gives me and everyone who holds the title a voice that we never had before.

CK: I was recently asked to talk about a marketing campaign I found interesting and when I chose to talk about the Miss America Organization, I got the strangest looks. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t talk about an organization that I was so proud of. The more people who know about us and really get to know the girls who are involved, the better.

AS: Whenever I compete, even if I don’t come home with a crown, I want to come home with a lesson. I’m learning about interview skills and how to feel grateful (remember this is from a 13 year old!

5. What’s one thing you want the Charlotte community and NC to know about you and about this scholarship program?

CK: I would emphasize the diversity involved in this program. I’m a Grad student and a JD student but I’m not unique. There are so many accomplished women in the Miss America system. A lot of people think it’s about beauty but if they get to meet some of us, they may think differently.

AS: I shared platform on Cherubs Disease, a birth defect that children are born with, and I was born with. I’m a survivor. I go on stage hoping they ask me about that.


The qualifier competition in June will decide who will be on TV competing for Miss America representing North Carolina. Qualifiers will also be aired on TWC Channel 323.During their year of service, you can catch them at the next parade, opening, nonprofit fundraiser and event. You can book them to represent your special event. Let’s celebrate our young Queens. This City is named after one after all.


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