The 15 People you will meet at Amelie’s French Bakery

Amelie’s French Bakery, everyone’s favorite Charlotte bakery and my second home for writing, socializing, people watching and pretty much ANY creative activity. Over the years I’ve noticed that Amelie’s has its regular “characters”. I always see at least five of these types of people at any given day at Amelie’s. And of course, I’m talking about the original Amelie’s in NoDa. Here are the 15 types of people you will meet at Amelie’s. Which one are you?

1. The college student

When the Bakery Gods thought of Amelie’s, they probably didn’t intend for it to be the perfect place to grind out an all night paper. (or maybe they did) As a grad student, this place was my second home. It’s 24 hour schedule makes it super conducive to doing late night (and last-minute) work.

college student2. The retiree

Dont you love seeing old couples enjoy a coffee and the paper together? retirees typically enjoy Amelie’s at odd times of the day like why are you even up at 7:00am?

old person

3. The family

Ah yes, the baby toter and the mom and dads with their little bundles of joy. This joy can range from quietly cooing and just being pinch-worthy to a loud outrageous kind of joy that won’t stop playing with the huge Paris map in the main room. A joy nonetheless.


4. The skater

They just came in from outside and they might be a little sweaty but hey, skaters need to rest too. the best thing is that they typically sit on the patio and don’t keep the seats too long.


5. The snapchatter

These usually come in groups of 3 or more girls ranging from Junior at Charlotte Country Day to freshman at UNCC. These are the girls who order the Crème brûlée or salted caramel brownie and make a production out of quietly snapchatting and instagramming their treats. Search the Amelie’s tag on IG…major foodporn.

working and coffee

6. The employee

They really are the best. they clean up after you and bring you things like forks and napkins even though they don’t have to. I know you see that tip jar at the register. Use it!

via charlotte observer

via the charlotte observer

7. The regular

These folks are so used to ordering from Amelie’s. they probably call their order ahead of time and get a whole baguette. Also, these people will sit in the same spot each time they come. I’m looking at you weird guy who sits behind the barista counter next to the hallway.

coffee deck

8. The artist

These could range from musicians sitting outside to the watercolor artists I saw in the main room a few months back. I thought to myself, wow what incredible use of the space.


9. The baby shower-goer

You ever wonder what goes on in that private dining room? Baby Showers, mostly. It seems like every time i visit, there is something booked in that room. Go ahead and book the Versailles room for your event. Good luck. I hear there’s a waiting list!

Drinking Mom

10. The blogger, entrepreneur or  event planner

So this is me. I have to admit, i take FULL advantage of the WIFI and Amelie’s to blog and write. Most of my writing was published from within these decorated walls. I wrote this piece at Amelie’s too. The one thing you need to know about us (this includes planners and business owners), we will occupy the same seat all day and get comfortable next to the nearest outlet.


11. The group project

The dreaded group project at Amelie’s. Here’s the thing. group projects are the closest thing to death I can think of. Amelie’s helps to take the edge off a little. Order a nice coffee or hot chocolate and get to work. Just don’t go at the last minute. The WIFI can be shoddy when there’s multiple devices at a table.


12. The lunch meeting

This is also me. Whenever I have a lunch or networking date, I typically bring them to Amelie’s. It’s centrally located and convenient for both parties.


13. The cyclist

Add about 20 years on to the skaters and you get your average cyclist. They typically migrate from surrounding neighborhoods like Plaza Midwood and Myers Park. They’re pretty easy to spot in their bright spandex and special bike shoes. Stay out of their way, and they’ll stay out of yours 🙂


14. The newcomer

These people are often tourists, the mom you invite in town after you’ve been living in Charlotte for a few months and want to show her you’re doing ok. “Wow! This place is so different!” Whenever I overhear a newbie marvel at Amelie’s walls and endless baked goods, I think to myself, how have you never been here before??

mona lisa

15. The person you haven’t seen in months!

This is pretty much inevitable. When you go to Amelie’s, you’ll likely run into that person you haven’t seen in months. I’ve seen some pretty intense reunions in Amelie’s, “Hey Girl! How are you???! and I’ve avoided some pretty awkward conversations there as well. Just gonna focus really had on this tea and pretend I didn’t just see my ex.

meet up

Now I wonder what kind of characters we’ll find at the new South Charlotte location

What other characters have you seen at Amelie’s??

Drop it in the comments or find me Twitter @yea_me2

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