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I recently sat down with Natasha Lindsey and learned about Scratch Paper Studio, her stationery, invitation and gift business. She talks about creating beautiful gifts that inspire and celebrate your events; big or small. I learn about her time here in Charlotte and how she stays inspired.

Where are you from?
I am from Denver, Colorado and I have been in Charlotte since 2003.
Tell me about Scratch Paper Studio

Scratch Paper Studio is stationary and gifts company. I design invitations, notecards, greeting cards  and we also do gift products like mugs and notepads and soon will be doing journals that you can give to friends. We also do some art prints

Tell me about the Makers Series on your blog?

It’s a series I just started. My shop is on Etsy and I follow people on IG who are indie artists and crafters and I just kept growing a list of favorites and one of the things I wanted to do was talk about things I like and share my favorites and hope that sharing my favorites will see them and say “Ohh I didn’t even know this existed”!

Where did you get the idea for the name of your business?

The name comes from…well kind of divine intervention. I was just jotting down ideas and wasn’t having any luck. When I’m out somewhere I would sketch ideas on random pieces of scratch paper that I found and I thought well we could name it scratch paper because that’s how we compile the ideas that we design. (Note: this is the type of organic creativity we love at PlaceMakers !)

Have you always been a creative person?

Yes, Yes! My mom was an educator so she had summers free. She would put us into art and photography camps and let us craft at home. My sister and I were always making and crafting things.

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How has Charlotte helped your business?

Charlotte has been great for creative outlets and inspiration for me. I find myself trying to network with creators and learn new stuff.

Charlotte has been a good place for organic discovery. It’s just a nice comfy, cozy place to live and so it’s nice to step outside your comfort zone. You can sort of do anything you want.
What would you change about Charlotte?

I wish that there were….there’s so many great organizations and good people…but it’s hard to find them. I wish that there was more ability to see what those things (creative) are so you can get a little more involved.

Who is your ideal mentor?
I’m inspired by Riffle Paper Co.  Anna Bond came out with these amazing wedding invitations and the designs were so unique. I’m still to this day inspired by the work that she does and how she runs her business.
Completely unrelated to design, I would love to have a conversation with Jeni of Splendid Ice Creams. I love the story of how she got started and grew her business. I love a good story.

Lastly, I really like Ceci New York invitations  and stationery. I’ve been following her for years. She’s a great model for things for me to think about for my own business.

What’s the next trend in invitations? What are people begging you for? 

The most popular invitations I have are our Sip and See invitations. When I think it’s died down, I get a whole new batch of them. (Note: in the audio version, I awkwardly try to describe what I think Sip and See is. I ask if it’s when you have a message in the bottom of a teacup; It’s not. LOL). It’s typically used for a second child instead of having a full-on shower. I kind of relate it to a “sprinkle” shower; just a way for friends and family to meet the baby and see mom and offer congratulations. It’s one of the most popular invitations out of my shop.

What do you think about Canva and other design programs that put the design process in the hands of the user?

I think that Canva is a lot like other online entities that do the same thing. I don’t get too worried about it. You may need something tomorrow or right away and that may not fit my timeline and the style may not fit my own style. There are so many different options.  When you’re in this business,  you need to be aware of it and be able to adapt to what people are looking for. That’s why I offer printables. My customers and clients are often crafty so they can cut their own invitations and material from home. It gives them the ability to created what their looking for. This is why I offer both printed work and printables.

What advice do you have for people doing the two job thing?
  • One of the things I would say is to ask questions. Find out if there is a business that you like or if you always visit. spend time with the owners of businesses you’re interested in. It’s a matter of not being afraid to ask questions.
  • Another thing  I would say is don’t rush it. ” It takes you some time to figure out your groove…give yourself the time to be a beginner” The easiest way to stumble is to focus on what other people are doing. Stay in your lane and run your race. Don’t worry about where you think you should be.
  • If you’re turning a hobby into a business, find some other hobbies and allow yourself the time to find creative outlets
What’s the last book you read?

Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

If you had to pick one, would you choose a summer concert or spa day?

Music festival

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

You can find Natasha on IG at Scratchpaper Studio and on the Site at



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