Dont get distracted! NC moves forward with Voting restrictions this year

According to an NPR report on Thursday, (Oct 9) The US Supreme Court granted a stay against the Federal appeals court. This means the state will move forward with voting restrictions…but they did not offer a reason why. Some Supreme Court justices found that eliminating same day registration and out of precinct votes would have an adverse impact on black voters. However, the majority ruled to reject the state’s appeal.

What this means: there is no same day registration and if you go to the wrong precinct, your vote will not be counted. The proposed election overhaul also included a required picture ID but that does not go into effect this year. Early voting is from October 23rd to November 1st (That’s down from 17 days in the past few elections.)

The last day to register was Friday October 10th.

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Black Candidates Dominate Federal Elections in 2014

According to an analysis by David Bositis, an expert on African-American politics, there are 82 black nominees in the two major parties running in 2014, surpassing the 2012 record of 72 candidates.

USA Today reported:

Of the 82 candidates running, 64 are Democrats and 18 are Republicans, and all but three are seeking election to the U.S. House.

As the 2014 midterm elections approach, it’s important to remember the words of Zora Neale Hurston that, “all your skin folk ain’t your kin folk.” It’s important to research every candidate’s positions and policies and not just vote for the Black candidate by default. However, the fact that more Blacks are being involved in national politics is encouraging news, because access to both the ballot box and the slate are key to progress.

via clutch magazine online . view the article at the link below.

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Basic Voting Information for Charlotte

When is the vote?

The general election is Nov. 4, 2014

How can I register to vote?

To register, pick up a form at any Charlotte-Mecklenburg public libray or at the Board of Elections website: To register, you must be a US citizen, a resident of North Carolina and Mecklenburg County for 30 days, and at least 18 years old.

Can I vote early?

Yes. Early voting begins Oct. 23, 2014 and ends Nov 1, 2014 at 1pm. There will be 21 early voting sites. Check the MEcklenburg County Board of Elections for their locations:

Absentee Voting

Citizens may print an absentee voting application from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections website and mail or fax it back to the Board of elections. The address is 741 Kenilworth Ave Suite 202, Charlotte NC 28204. Absentee ballots will begin to be mailed Friday September 5th. the deadline for requesting a absentee ballot is Oct. 28, 2014.


For general voting questions, call the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections at 704-336-2133


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Big city turnovers: The 5 mayor races to watch in 2013 — MSNBC

Charlotte made the list. With all the activity going on lately, we were bound to make this type of list. Mayor Pro Temp Patrick Cannon is set to make his announcement tomorrow (5/21) at Elizabeth Park

Big city turnovers: The 5 mayor races to watch in 2013 — MSNBC

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