Welcome Back Queen City

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from my Party Peddler


Whew! 2014…what a year! I’m coming off of a two week vacation well rested and hope you all are too.

I am excited for what I have in store for you all this year. Get ready for more #PlaceMakers interviews, fun things to do in the Charlotte and hopefully some helpful career advice.

Thanks readers. you all are the motivation that keeps this blog going 🙂


Chrisitne E.


Hey Charlotte Fashion Lovers! This is for you

I want to publicize a couple of Charlotte bloggers who are doing their thing in the fashion world and doing it right. This looks like a cool event and although I am not able to attend, I wanted to share it with you all. Click on the Charlotte Social button on the right side of the screen to learn more about this group.


To-Do in Charlotte: The Comedy Zone


My date and I had a great time (for the most part) at The Comedy Zone last Friday night and if you’ve never been, it’s in the NC Music Factory. I hear they have some pretty good acts coming up in the next few months including DL Hughley and Charlie Murphy. Normally I sing the praises of every establishment I visit in Charlotte but the Comedy committed a cardinal sin of customer service. I usually don’t do this but I have to put them on  blast for an issue with our show that evening. See below a letter I sent to Management (which has not been responded to by the way). I’ll be forced to resend the letter and then blowup their social media accounts until the issue is addressed.

Hello Comedy zone staff and management, I attended the Friday night Deray Davis show. Let me start my giving him kudos on a great set and on the entire staff for accommodating the audience on a busy night like Friday. However, about ten minutes into Deray’s performance, I and my date were asked to move from our seats at table 43, which I paid $30 each for to a table in the back which I did not initially pay for.These new seats made it difficult for us to enjoy the show as we anticipated sitting much closer. Hence me choosing those tickets from the online ordering system in the first place. I asked the staff member why we had to move and he informed us that the Comedy zone made a printing error and the tickets that were printed showed a show for Thursday, 3/14/2013! As you can imagine, I was shocked to see this because on my email confirmation, it showed Friday, 3/14/2014. Not only were the tickets printed for the wrong night, but they were for a show in the past! Not wanting to miss too much of the show, we agreed to move. however, we simply were not able to enjoy the show at our new seats. I am requesting some type of compensation for our trouble.I do enjoy your establishment but I cant imagine attending another show in the future if our enjoyment will be compromised again. Please let me know if you can do anything. Thank you kindly.

In Charlotte, all roads lead to Sharon

In Charlotte, all roads lead to Sharon

This article by Virginia Brown form Charlotte Magazine came across my Twitter timeline this morning and I wanted to share it with you all. Ever wonder who Sharon is when driving around Charlotte, Sharon amity, Sharon Road, Sharon Lane? Well this article has the answers to that question and then some!

So who is Sharon? Turns out, Sharon isn’t a person, it’s a place. In the Bible, Sharon refers to the coastal plain of Palestine, today’s Israel. The Book of Isaiah reads: “Sharon shall become a pasture for flocks, and … a place for herds to lie down, for my people who have sought me.” That’s why so many churches also contain the name. Before suburbs, churches dominated countryside landmarks, so roads were often named for the churches they led to. 

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